Shockwave Therapy

Shockwave Therapy (SWT) is an electrotherapy that involves mechanical vibration to the affected area. It has been used extensively in Europe but is only just beginning to make an appearance in Canada. I have yet to meet a USA therapist who knows anything about it, let alone uses it.

The technology that generates the shockwaves used in physiotherapy is essentially the same as that used in breaking apart kidney stones. The physiotherapy aspect of SWT is that the wave that is both mechanical in sonic acts as a disruptive front that helps break down adhesions, degenerate tissue and small scar tissue within tendons and ligaments. It is also believed that it helps healing occur faster. It has been shown to be effective on tendons, the plantar fascia, stress fractures and unhealed fractures, trigger points and muscle tear.

My experience has been that plantar fascia (a particular type of heel pain) and tendinitis responds to SWT in about six treatments. Ligament injuries can take a little longer but I can tell within one or two treatments in SWT is going to be effective.

In part due to the high cost of these units I believe the SWT unit at Creekside Physio is the only one in Airdrie and only one of a few in Calgary. Many if not most physiotherapy clinics charge  $60 and more extra for SWT, Jim made a decision at the start not make any charges above the standard charge for this treatment as he did not want to deny any patient its beneficial effects.

Conditions Treated


If your therapist feels that physiotherapy will not help you she or he will tell you that and suggest alternative paths for you take as soon as possible.

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Treatments will be changed appropriately as your condition improves and if we are unable to help you we will tell you that as soon as we know.

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