Interferential Current Therapy (IFC)

IFC is an electrotherapy that involves two electric fields vibrating at about 4000 cycles per second but the therapist is able to change the frequency of one field from 1-150 cycles a second depending on the effect needed. The fields are typically used at diagonals to each other and they interfere with each other in the patient’s tissues and cancel each other out except for the difference that was set by the physiotherapist and this is the treatment field or “beat frequency”.

The reason why two fields are used rather than just one field with the set frequency is that the higher common frequency of say 4000 c/s penetrates deeper into the tissues than would a single field of 1-150 c/s, the effect is also enhanced by having two fields rather than one.

Various beat frequency stimulate different body tissues to do their job more efficiently, for example, a frequency of 100 c/s seems to work well on inflamed joints and tendons while 4 c/s alleviates nerve pain. Additionally, IFC relieves pain directly by stimulating the nerves.

At Creekside Physiotherapy in Airdrie, the unit is used mainly to reduce swelling and inflammation and to help nerve pain.

Conditions Treated


If your therapist feels that physiotherapy will not help you she or he will tell you that and suggest alternative paths for you take as soon as possible.

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Treatments will be changed appropriately as your condition improves and if we are unable to help you we will tell you that as soon as we know.

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